Forget The World With Me?

Forget The World With Me?


"Forget the world with me?" She asked him.

"Forget all that I've done and have failed to do."

"Chase the sun with me?" She asked him quietly,

" And perhaps the moon, stars and even mars?"

"Feel the pain with me?" She begged desperately, "And all the love and pretty parts?"

"Never question me." She stated firmly. "I will never hurt or betray your love."

"Will you remember me?" She weeped faintly.

"Even after I'm long gone and far away..?"

"Will you answer me?!" She wailed impatiently,

"Or am I just wasting precious breath?"



"The world was soon forgotten the moment I met you."

"I need not worry about your past - it has shaped the girl I worship in this moment."

"I've already chased the sun, moon, stars and mars to reach you."

"But I can say it would be all the more fun to do it all again with you beside me."

"Your pain is my pain, my love is your love and the pretty parts are ours to cherish."

"The only questions I hear are from you, my dear, I need no reason to interrogate."

"Didn't I already say I'd forgotten the whole world when I met you?"

"That leaves plenty of room for thoughts of you in my head."

"Your breath, it has not been wasted, but by me I hope it's been taken."

"I hope these answers will suffice."


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