Forget Filters


My name is Namirah and I am known as the middle child.

When people meet me they certainly don’t know I can be wild.

My name means tiger, and mother says I am no less

But I have a weakness, I can’t play chess!

I love to draw and paint

My mother says I’m good, even though I know I aint

I enjoy riding my bike and walking with my sister in the park

But I get extremely terrified when I hear a dog’s bark.

What I mostly enjoy is messing around with my sister and brother

But at the end of the day we learn to love each other.

I really hate it when people lie to my face

Because all I have to say is get out of my space.

When people lie I say good-bye

When teacher call on me when I’m not raising my hand,

I get so nervous that I can’t take the stand.

I love my family to death

And hope they stay with me until my last breath

But with that comes a fear, which sometimes brings me into tears

The fear that someday, I will lose them

And that day I will lose the most precious gem.

I dream to see Paris and the Eiffel tower

I just can’t wait to sense the accomplishment power.

I hope to complete the teacher’s academy here, at Centennial High School

This will be an accomplishment, so I don’t feel like a fool.

I have talents that yet I am yet not aware of

But I know I can get creative very easily thereof.

As you know I can be wild, but in me there’s another child

A child who is quiet and shy

If pushed too far, she will cry.

I know it is sad that I really hate to read

But it is certainly true indeed.

I hate writing research papers, but love creative writing.

It gives me freedom and makes my life exciting.

I would describe my learning style as audio and visual

Though if I learn anything it seems like a miracle.

I know this poem was somewhat cheesy and dramatic

                                            But the words just came to me automatic

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