Forever a Tomboy


I hate them sometimes and they annoy me almost every day,

But my love for them overcomes that irritation in every single way.

My brothers pull my hair and my parents never let me go out,

So I bury my face in my pillows with bald spots in my hair and on my face, a pout.

Banana pancakes, tickles and painful laughter defines my life when I was a child.

My parents would chase me around, not caring that I was so wild.

Being the only girl, I grew up acting and playing like one of the boys.

There was rough housing, lots of dirt, scratches and Power Ranger toys.

All family matters, because I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for them,

The tomboy acts and fists of pulled hair changed me for the better back then.

I will always be that tomboy at heart no matter how much more I grow.

I’ll constantly miss the dirt, scratches and toys more than I will ever know.

Because these people that are here, they’re there for me whenever I should fail or fall flat,

It’s obvious that family, to me, is what matters most- all the aggravation, irritation… For them, I’ll deal with all of that.



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