Forever Mine

If only I could rewind time,

Then I could keep you, forever mine

I miss the warmth

I miss the love

I’m not sure who I’m thinking of

Too many people come to mind

I wish I could keep you, forever mine.

You were always there

In you, everything, I could share

But you’ve been gone

And time just continues on

Frozen wasteland

I miss the summer when everything was warmer

If only I could make you stay, forever mine

Summer forever, Together

He was there, she was there, they were there

One by one they begin to disappear

Winters come to claim my loves

Summer come back, I have no one

I wish I could keep you forever mine,

I wish I could rewind time

Back when everything was fine.

I had it all at my fingertips

Now loneliness sticks to me like a pestering tick.

I don’t know who to blame

I feel it my fault, her fault, they’re fault and I’m the only one to feel shamed

I wish I could play God, twist and bend the universe to my design

Time wouldn’t exist and you’d be,

Forever mine


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