Forever Cursed

The tight grip of insanity spreads through my mind,
stealing everything that once kept me living.
A suffocating hold of anxiety wraps itself around my chest.
All the while cruel whispers of insecurity echo in my head.
Certainly the need to break free reaches my thoughts,
but by then the time of saving had come and gone,
the voices grew louder and the binds restricted my free will,
sooner or later a blade had lessened the intensity of the hold.
Sin after sin raises to my awareness,
never forming my own opinion or action,
only following those of my demons,
Unless I was permitted my day of desertion.
Struggling became more painful as depression arrived,
sinking it's sorrowful knife in my heart,
sure that I would fall into the stinging of betrayal,
and even granted a chance to fight.
Yet I still am forced to listen to the whispers,
forced to feel the slowing heartbeat in my chest,
feel the burning of regret in my blood.
Forever cursed to endure my unending damnation. 
And forever bidding a goodbye to those who try to end it.
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