Forever Better

Sun, 10/05/2014 - 22:13 -- zari.

The crack between my heart forms a suffocation and it causes me to die inside .
It's like you cut me deep with the sharp shape of your words, committing a homicide.
You take it upon yourself to apologize for your actions, but it's only a trap for me to move around your lies .
But fuck that, I'm done, I don't need you to hear my cries .
I feel weak inside.
The outside of my body, though, shows the glow of my smile leading past the pain that I'm trying to hide.
I love you, and the hardships we been through, but I can't live my life with my heart turned blue .
I have no choice but to let go, and let you do you ..
The crack between my heart suffocates me, but only me can make me better .
Forever .


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