Forever and a day

Have you seen?

the mountains and the trees

have you seen?

the water in a stream

have you seen?

the endless crashing sea 

have you seen?

the beautiful golden leaves 

have you seen?

the little girl's wishes and dreams

have you seen?

the teenager's future schemes 

have you seen?

happy child believing in fairies 

have you seen?

a dreamer's fantasies 

because if you have not seen these things you have not lived, only existed

but now it's time to let go and live

to see a girl on her wedding day 

when father and daughter slowly sway

but they don't really know what the future makes

and for right now, thats okay 

you don't have to 

just walk me though 

ahh, forever and a day



i listened to   FACTOR FIGHT~ THE BEGINNING while writing this, if you want to feel what i did i sugest you do the same

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