Footsteps across the kitchen floor 

The sound of pitter paddle is all that can be heard

Seeking across the floor to see  her

Footsteps grew louder as my heart rate grew faster with excitent

His voice grew louder

His words that could cannot be repeated filled my head

The cold and cruel words are still there in my head

He hurt her

Yet I still loved him

How could I not

Till the day she flew away to the sky

I loved him

Her adsent made him colder

He was no longer a man

He was a shell

He was nothing more than a lifeless body 

As time passed he became over powered with anger

The anger was now the leather that hit my skin

The anger was now the pain that brusted through my side

The cold words were now direct  at me

He said I would never be loved 

I was useless like my mother

A boy would never love me

Epsecially the boy I loved

I would always be a toy

He pulled me out of school

For I was to dumb to be seen in public

I had to be protected from the boy

The boy would reck my life he said

His lie hid the truth

He could not take the change the boy would see the marks

He could not go to jail for the crime he did

I came to believe him

I would never have a furture 

I was not smart or pretty enough

But now I look around 

That boy he fought to ripe out of man life is by myside

The friends he hid me from

Surround me with love

He broke me like I was made of glass 

Like I was made of paper

But I am raising from the ground

Like a skyscaraper 

Still till this very day I will never understand

How a parent could do that to their child

He can no longer stop me from living and being happy

The pain he once caused spikes my heart rate

Now aderline rushes through me

Now I stand

Now my footsteps are louder

Now my footsteps match a rythem that cannot be beat

Now my footsteps run to stop Domestic Abuse

Now my footsteps make pitter patter sounds

With joy as voices grow louder

Voices that cry out

Voices that make a stand

Voices that make a different

The voices that fight 

The voices that live...


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