Foolish Love

The pandemic was supposedly over,

People no longer raging.

Yet those who still suffered -

Suffered (alone).

Pen pressing precisely against paper,

I tell you this now -

It's not over, it's not done.

There is no end of the torment.


Who knew a simple kiss, a touch, 


Bared emotions becoming 

bared skin. 


It's shattered now.

The broken hearted are 

all that are left. 

There's no reasoning,

Just betrayal and aches.


The doctor's call it HIV,


I call it a forgotten word,

Lost hope.


Media yell out - 

Blame us for who we love.

But what about those who get it.

Those who love a man when being

Nought but a woman?


Misinformation, lies,

Gossip and rumours.

Everything is lost.

HIV spreads through us all.

It breaks us apart, 

finds weaknesses.


To save ourselves - 

A simple test,

That's all it would take.


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Our world
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