Food Shopping!

Today I decided to go to the store,

We parked and I walked through the big glassy doors.


Headed straight to the snacks, I went right past the fruit,

My mom had to stop, so she gave me a hoot.


I backtracked to her cart, to see what was wrong,

It was only her phone, that sang out a ding-dong.


Then I strolled to the snacks, while she choose produce

And I grabbed a few containers of chips and grape juice.


Dropping them off in the cart then I looked

for a short line but they were all booked.


No choice but to stand in a twelve person line

Twelfth person, Eleventh person, tenth person, nine nine.

Finally, checking out, I wheeled the cart away,

Ambled through the doors back into the lightened day.


At home on the couch, I unsealed the content,

My time in the store was very well spent!


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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