Traveling through the vast expanse of this mighty world we venture upon beautiful beings. One of the most that happens to strike our likings are flowers. Because we see flowers to be these such beautiful things we take care of them. We water them. We make sure they do not get not trampled on. We display them in beautiful vases and showcase them off. I find it crazy that we treat ourselves worse than we do flowers because we in the same ways are flowers. We provide for others like the flower provides oxygen. Us humans are as beautiful as these flowers exhibited in your homes. But we get trampled on my various creatures that come our way- like flowers. However, no one comes to our aid. If you see a flower laying there dying tell me what do you do about it? You care for it. If we see a person suffering after another has treated is so unkindly we merely keep on walking. We need to start treating people like or if not better than we do non human objects. Humans are beautiful capable of wonderous things. Our lives have value. We need to start paying attention to the demons that make our symbolic petals wilt. Like flowers we need to shine light on us humans when we are in the darkest places. We need to stop and maybe think that there are other individuals out there suffering and maybe need to stop joking about the whole "go kill yourself" phrase. There is nothing beautiful about suicide. There is nothing beautiful about a tore apart flower on the ground. Please take care of others and of yourself. Water yourself. Keep out of the darkest places in your mind. Help one another and watch eachother blossom into the most beautiful flower you've ever seen. We are humans and like flowers, we deserve to be valued.




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