Flower petals.


All consuming,

Drowning, thrashing, struggling,

To break through, to rise up,

But falling once again.

So much darkness, pulling me under,

controlling my thoughts, my actions.

What devil has me possessed?

What creature invades my soul?

Like lightning strikes on ringing clocks,

giving phantoms glowing shocks.

A voice inside me taking control,

on my mind it takes a toll.

Slowly, a flower

opening up a power.

Where things are brighter,

and stress is lighter.

Where I need to feel inside,

a passion glowing bright.

Like burning flaming stars,

lighting through the night.

Who knows how many broken hearts,

have dulled this weary soul?

But like flowers being born again,

no innocence is stole.

The cooling breeze will blow my pollon,

and help me replicate.

And letting myself open up,

I finally leave this state.

This state I've found of brokeness,

where gusts of wind blow down.

And now I know what blows you over,

may give you the strength to find your crown.

I am the queen of my heart, the owner of my soul.

Don't let the darkness hold you hostage, 

one day it will let go.

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