The flower has Bloomed


I planted a seed In the fresh soil and dirtReady to create new life.When I buried the seed I said to it,"You'll bloom to be a flower one day, my love."But the seed did not respond,As it should not.And everyday I watered the seedAnd sang it a gentle lullaby:"I love you, little seedSo small, so petite.One day you shall grow up like meAnd bask in the earth's beauty."And for the first two weeks Still I saw no change.No life, no love, no growth in my seed.Nothing for me to marvel at.I became weary, thinking maybe...Maybe the seed had no life or love to bring.So I planned a funeral for my tiny little seedAnd put lilies, dandelions and roses around the grave.I then knelt before my little seed,My unborn flowerAnd sang my little song."I love you, little seedSo small, so petite.May you rest undergroundAnd forever rest in peace.May you give life to what is around youThough you yourself have not.I love you my unborn flower.I pray that you never rot."As I sang the tears fell from my eyes To my checks,From my checks, to the dirt above the seed.And with a sigh of griefI left the seed. For the next days I wallowed about, in my distressAnd stayed in For the emptiness and loneliness Had found its way into my heart.But the next day the sun came outAnd so I figured so should I.I looked over at the grave and sawThat all the other flowers had diedBut amongst the brown death-I. Saw. Green.I walked over to the pileAnd what I saw was beyond belief.My tiny little seed had started to breathe.But in that instant I realized That I had been wrong all along.Just because my flower was not bornDidn't mean that I had to die.Because my seed loves me and,Because before the flower came to bloomThere was always love, growth, birth, and life..In the seed.                                                                                            


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