Flower Fields

These intentions of mine were always good, just know that.

I never intended to hurt you, but I know I did and the truth was something I always lacked….

Especially from you. I could never understand how I made it through.

The teenage years and tears of life itself. So excuse me, if I decide to be completely naked for a day.

Excuse me, if I classify as a flower child rather than a regular person.

Excuse me, if I don’t label to be found, rather be lost and honestly I’m still searching.

Excuse me, if the flower fields seem to heal me more than a school ever could.

I don’t find books rather interesting and I know I should be graduating soon and finding a good internship and job real soon, just like a good 21 year old is suppose too.

But .. the flower fields call me louder than this world ever could and I run to them faster than I should.

Grass poking my skin, sun glazing down on me. All I could see is the flower fields that gently touch my soul, that gently makes me bold, that gently hits all the right spots and that gently lets all the negativity in my life rot.

I could and yet I couldn’t see a day in the future growing up. Maybe it was a sign that life was going to be short and just my luck, I’m falling in love with the sudden touches of life.

Maybe I should go back and try again and do it right or maybe I should just stop thinking so much and call it a “goodnight”.



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