Flower Daggers.

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 23:01 -- Neftee

Flowers made for war.
A bullet for my sweetheart.
I do kind things,
These wonderful sweet things,
But I want to see you bleed.
Arousal from your torment,
And a smile for your pain.
You rythe and scream
A bloody song
for hatreds strings
and slutty thongs
You bitch,
Incased in ropes and chains
And lovers notes to kill and maim!
"I love you"
Stab you with those words
So I can sit back in laughter
And watch that jagged dagger
Do some hurt,
You bleed and stagger.
Fall and shadder.
I know you'd rather die then hurt
my baddered heart again.
You don't know why it hurts.
It hurts because I love better then you.
My heart is pure,
And you fail to intrest me.
No more do you rule this heart.
Take this grenade valentine.
Pull the pin for suicide.
It says "I forgive you"
I bet that hurts.
Flowers made for war.
I will drown you in these rose peddles.
Make you hurt.
You whore, I'm glad we had this talk.
Now I don't want you anymore.
It's time you took a walk.


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