Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:18 -- Chayle

Breath taking smile escaping her heart-shaped face
Eyes with the shades of aquamarine jewels
Hair setting across her ivory shoulders simply cascade
Making the males drop to their throbbing knees like fools
She'll eat you up and spit you when she's done
Still,how can someone such as I ever compete
She makes people believe that life is all fun
Yet,it's your misery and lust that she seeks
Plane Jane over here gazes upon it with green envy
Wishing that some how God would give her what she wants
Where is the fairness,well there isn't any
The thought is just a lingering demon that continues to haunt
If only I could reach into hearts like she can
Except of consuming,I would try my best to fulfill
I'd never take advantage of any child or man
But,I could almost take my part for the kill
If I was her,slowly on the inside I'd begin to die
Perhaps 'd too take advantage of that power
Slowly start to rot from the hollow inside
And become the people-eating flower


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