A flower

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 19:00 -- aconley

I am a Precious Flower

That bloomed one summer day

Not many words were spoken

But I had a lot to say


For those of you who know me

Youve seen behind my eyes

The one thing that you dont see

Is how many tears I cry


All the pain inside of me

Shows tons of emotions

But I keep it bottled inside me

Like a little magic potion


Im not the one to open up

When I am in need

But something needs to change

If in life I want to succeed


I wish that I could tell you

What I feel like inside

But there is the wall in front of me

And behind I do hide


If only I could show you

The pain that is so deep

Then maybe I could share with you

The secrets that I keep


Now as I continue

In this little game of life

I fight the many battles

Without laughter but with strife


The one thing that I hope

Is that when this is through

I can open up to someone

And that someone may be you.


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