Inspiration the motivation to all.

Change is something that makes us inspired.

Some may say they don’t need inspiration but you can notice they’ve already been inspired.

What comes to mind when you think of what inspires you?

I feel inspired by change.

Change is something everybody fears whether the change is good or bad.

We as the natural species of human beings are supposed to change.

I’m inspired by change because it means progression.

It means a breakthrough.

It is the opening door to the realization of who you are.


When we change we grow.

Even though not all change is good it shows we are human. 

When people become inspired they are challenged but determined to become someone new.

It takes a strong human being to seek inspiration 

But an even stronger one to take that inspiration into consideration and change.

We must grow and strive to be our own best. 

It may take someone or something to inspire you

But it takes change to become like that inspiration.

We must notice our differences and become inspired by our past and present

We have to use that knowledge to change our future 

It only takes one voice to become inspired 

But it takes hundreds of more to make a change  

Without change, we’d still be hunters and gatherers 

fighting because we couldn’t change our method of survival.

We would be scared of the world and all the potential it holds.


You learn to love change when you look in the mirror with a smile and think 

Who I was before I am no longer them

I am me now I have grown

Life has thrown tomatoes at me and told me to leave 

But I stayed, I  grew strong, I am a changed person

I have grown through experience through suffering 

Blood sweat and tears through all my years but when  I fell I got up 

I grew up and look at me now 

I was inspired but now I am an inspiration.

-Zercovia White


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