***Flawless Scholarship Slam: You Choose


Flawed; simply those who stand with imperfections, and have mental or physical blemishes.

I believe you are what you think you are...

Self-fulfilling prophecy

You think you're bad at writing, you'll fail that english essay

You think people won't like you, they won't

You think you're a slow runner, you'll lose the race

You regret, doubt, and believe that you've messed up... well you have.

Flawless; Simply those who stand unflawed, without any physical or mental blemishes.

I believe I am what I think I am...

Self-fulfilling prophecy

know I can write well if I focus, I ace that engish essay

know people will like me as long as I show them my best self, they do

know I'm a fast runner because I train hard, I win the race

I accept, learn, and believe that I am gowing to be a successful person... well I am.

Just like beauty, there's no universal agreement on what is considered to be a flaw and what isn't

You perceive who, and what is beautiful to you

Just as you choose to think of yourself as flawed, or flawless.

Piece of advice- choose flawless, it's better.



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