Flawless Perspective



People question, girls question

What is truly beauty?

Is it symmetry in the face or having a big booty?

I don’t define myself to the perspective of a physical eye

With my crazy, curly hair or my thick thighs

I believe my beauty comes from the inside

Where my beating heart and my mind lies

My heart guides me to love and to care

For the people who are struggling and don’t have it fair

To give me the strength when life is rough

To give me the courage to get back up

My mind is wonderful exploding with knowledge

Ha, wonderful enough to get me to college

It sparks my creative side

Constantly creating plans for the future;

I’m simply the host along for the ride

Beauty could be defined on a pair of red pumps or a caked face

But, a beautiful mind and heart of gold makes me FLAWLESS





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