Flawless But Imperfect (Work In Progress)

My name is Marilyn, yes like Monroe

I have my own standards that I strive to meet

I decided a long time ago

I was never going to retreat


I am flawless because I am not normal

I am flawless because I accept my mistakes

I find no reason to be formal

And when I do I get the shakes


What really makes me flawless

I don't care what anyone thinks

My family is the most important thing to me regardless

I will defend them before anyone blinks

Defining flawless is defining who I am

Defining perfect is defining society

To be flawless I only have to meet my bar

Defining perfect makes me question my sobriety


I am not perfect not at all

But I am flawless because of who I am

Excuse me I have a society to uphall

If you would pardon me madam






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