Flawless Flaws

My nose is too big.

My ears are too small.

My hands are too rough.

My torso's too tall.

My stomach stands off.

My eyesight is bad.

My nails are too short,

...but I'm never sad.


My nose helps me smell the food cooking inside.

(It's better to know, so I'll eat before night.)

My ears keep from hearing bad things people say.

(It's better to not lose a friendsip that way.)

My hands prove my hard work will move me in life.

(I need to know these things to be a good wife.)

My torso's the reason I stay standing tall.

(So when something goes wrong, I'll be a brick wall.)

My stomach stands off so I'll know I ate well.

(It's better than not eating one bite at all.)

My eyesight is bad, so I'Il look closer at things

(Meticulous eyes notice hearts that are hurting.)

My nails are short becase nails annoy.

(My biting them down keeps from accidental destroy.)


I'm perfectly, perfect.

I'm flawlessly, flawed.

Perfection comes easy if life's looked at more broad.


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