Flavor of the Month

It's true what they say- 

you're a bit of a troublemaker.

The good news is you have good intentions.

You're very curious and love testing the limits of things.

Your tsundere personality fluctuates depending on the

day, time, person, month

or if you just feeling a little mischievous.

Never do you seem to interact with the same individuals

or even maintain the same friends.

You offer yourself to anyone who dares try to consume you

but be aware future tasters,

this adventure can be something that will be memorable for eternity

or something that will have you regret

while spewing your stomach out in the bathroom.

You do not pay any attention to social norms or rules,

but you respect those who treat others with kindness.

In elementary school you were the class clown

that always use to get in trouble

for making fun of people and causing commotion

while the teacher was instructing.

When all is said and done, you will always remain a kid at heart

and never abandon your child-like nature.

I am cotton candy.

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My community
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