Flame and Frost

I've now melted into a desire i can only call mine

While your eyes set ablaze with a flame that will surely transcend time

We grasp for each other in this world that slowly rushes to its ruin

But in my dreams, it’s only you and….

But flames casted away my hopes and dreams and this world it perished at my feet.

But in the end the only one who got hurt was me.

Oceans once blue turned into flames in front of you

You saw it written on my face

But cant you see

This is my despair

But i'm not alone remember ?

Me and you, we’re a pair

I dragged you down into my hell and you scream how it isn't fair

But i don't care


This pain seeps down everyday closer and closer to my bones


It's so cold

Im frozen and i'm still alone

Lets waste our time here together

In a world that slowly rushes to its ruin forever

But when its cold

The flowers start to die

And so do you and i

And the moon gives off such a light so high in the sky

And the only cold thing about you ..are your goodbyes

Now matter how the world would end im still hurt

How could i think that you and i

Sun and moon

Would work


Pity on me

With these ice caps in my soul

I'm still frozen and alone


Wouldn’t it be nice?

If the world ended in complete ice?

Robert frost once said that fire would even suffice

I know that's wrong

See look what you do to me

I've never been sure yet so confused to this degree

Wait for me please

Destroy this world with me

Burning with love we are a flame yet cold as a breeze

The tundras will melt and the grasslands with freeze

This world will end in ruin by the hands of you and me

From flame to frost

We are no longer lost

And with this heat of love in my soul

I'm no longer cold and alone.

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