1248I went to my desk leaned down and blew out my candle.  How simple of a task.In that moment I realized how boldly something so little can affect another.How something so simple can kill the flame that once lit your smile. You see you lit a flame inside me when I thought I was full of ash. The way the sound of your voice said my name and the way you held my hand when I was driving. The way you described the stars with an excitement in your voice stuck with me for the rest of the night. How that one time I cut so bad and you insisted I come over so you can take care of me. Holy crap most of all the way you acted like I was actually WANTED. Then why did you blow out the flame. That night I held you and you vividly told me I wasn't what you wanted then proceeded to kiss me and leave me.And I can't fricking get over you because even in that short time you were the ONLY thing keeping me happy. Hell you saved me life that night. Now I'm filled with the remnants of what was. They're choking me and I can't breathe. My chest is cold. My hands are lone. Like the candle on my desk:My flame is gone and I'm full of ash.

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