First Steps

First there is darkness

I have slept too long

the blood is black

before my eyes

and the sky is blacker 


I step outside 

and the darkness dissapates

I look up to see

a counterfeit sun

as pale as ice


It bleachs the concrete

pale, pale blue 

underneath the frost

below my bare feet

soft but sharp 

As cold as me 


the ferns are stiff

but they sparkle still 

and the moon moves by

against my will 


The fireworks start

somewhere far away 

the silence crumbles 

the branches sway 


The stars are scarred

with red and blue 

but the clouds maintain 

their gentle stance 


The world lays out 

absolutely unchanged 

the trees do not know

They don't care either way 


I take another step

I've aged a second

I've aged a year

the world is ravaged and rebuilt

and midnight is here 




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