First Love


You always have that one love who is eternal.
The one above all else you can't forget.
In the beginning you never know who it will be.
To some it maybe your best friend, to others just a stranger.
Yet, it is not the inital connection that keeps them beside you but sparks your attention
to see if they will grow with you.

The crazy reality that involves the two souls to intertwine, is that they may not be together
for a life time.
Some will be lost among so many things.
The unlimited obstacles that can come in between. 

The wonderful thing about a first love is that those memories help you grow, into someone you weren't sure that you could be before. 
Even though it is possible for them to be gone forever,  it is unsure as what the human heart will desire.
For all anyone knows, is that first love that has been engraved in your heart may never expire. 

To all the romantics who may or may not be faint at heart, whether your first love and you have grown a part. Don't give up on love in anyway,because the time apart you may find unclear.
For it is also possible for them to find their way here; 
back into  your arms without any fear. 
If they do not, it is not a loss, a failure, or your fault.
It is intution telling you to keep moving on.
Don't wait for them forever, because your life counts for you.
Because if they do come back, they may want to see the rest of your lives all the way through.

Celebrate having a first love, don't resent that in anyway.
Because it is not you who fell in love with them, but them falling for you because who you are. 
Remember this and you can and will go far. 



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