First Love

Yet it's not bound to last, can you blame one to try?

How could one make the whole universe fit in her eyes.

One glance and you're stuck,

For she's not lightning but I'm struck.

And to think if she was a charm, then id be her luck.

I knew she had to be MINE, so her vibe, I tried to DIG.

 But for someone so small, she left as something so big.

 But I could've swore I knew beauty, till she came along,

She had the melody to my heart, and with it, made a song. 

Though as wild as she was, her beauty covered all. 

I was a LEAF on a tree, cuz for her, i did FALL. 

For her beauty was elegant, from her eyes to her smile. 

And her presence was needed, so I stuck around for awhile. 

But her appearance was the least of what I enjoyed most. 

For the affection that she showed, I needed more than one dose.  

Though we never did drugs, for you, I stayed clean. 

Always pictured us in the future, and even thought of the scenes. 

But a day without her I couldn't resist, so I made her #1. 

And could've lost everything in the world but her, yet still I would have won.

 From the moment I met her, she was no crow but a dove. 

Till the day that we ended, I knew. 

She was my first love...


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