First Gen


United States
30° 3' 8.0856" N, 95° 9' 31.8456" W

School is cool
Yet I can feel like a fool.
Man don't get on me.
I'm aspiring to be all I can be.
So I may not have parents who are college grads,
but the way yall be hating makes me mad.
So listen up
and stop being such a yup.
I may be first gen,
but at the end I know I'm gonna win.
I aspire to reach higher,
don't call me a liar.
I may not have as much knowledge about this stuff as you do,
but I definitely know I got a clue.
Haters gonna hate,
but that's not gonna make me wait.
So here's a lesson for all of yall,
so don't block this off with a wall.
Its tough being a first gen student,
but at the end we're part of a great new movement.
So don't freak
because at the end we'll be the one's paying you at the end of week.


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