Fire In The Water

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 15:11 -- Don



This feeling..., A feeling that I get whenever you are near.

A feeling that only hearts can feel, a feeling that make me feel somewhat special.

Where are you my love? I know you are there, only you can give me this bliss.

I miss the feeling of your warm lips on my cool skin, that moment we once share.

But now that we are apart, it seems like our love is becoming unstable.

Right now your soul's on fire while mines cold as ice, but am I getting warmer?,

am I getting close, close to being one with your heart again. Tell me, are we lost

souls or distant lovers, cause I feel like I'm in the dark with no directions.

But I won't give up because I know this bliss was meant to be, Then all

of a sudden, I see a small but bright light, could this be you? do you feel my heart?

Yes, it has to be you, this cold body of mine is starting to feel warmer, Im close.

Im loving this moment, this passion, this feeling, Im no longer cold but cool like.....

Words can barely describe this moment my love but now that we found each other

and are together, its like......Fire In The Water.


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