Fire fly

A fire fly flickers dimly by,

It catches my eye

And steals my breath in awed sigh

Lovely the glow-

Suspended and slow-

As moonlight brightens the night like a show

The winged fairies shine 

They dance unaligned

Disappear...reappear, a magician's design


Though entranced by their splendor 

The subject is tender 

For I'm in fear of all insects, innately forever

But I follow the bug,

As it hovers and chugs,

Until it lands on the hands of distinguishable love

My hands shoot from these hands

To eyes and a face

Greeted with a soul like a green sea of grace


Impossible! She holds this cruel creature,

But I completely forget it as I learn all her features

She shines in this moonlight so soft and pure,

If I were hurt in any way she would hold the sure cure

A figment of thought,

No, a manifest of want,

She stands there with a bug, they both glow and they taunt


Now, our eyes fixed

I can't move I can't shift

We smile to one another as intentional gifts

Not a word need be spoken

This spell can't be broken

Her arm extends like an alluring token

I drift disembodied from my mind and my head 

Beside her bright form still a word needn't be said 

Instead, her closed fist appears in my own,

And when she slides back it's the bug that is shown

All that I loathe and all of my fear

Now in my palm so fragile and queer

Our eyes still locked and in them I'm safe

With each passing instant, she moved towards my face

My breath is timid as if I were cold

Ive forgotten the bug, she moves closer and holds 

Touching now, I'm baited and lured-

In a moment forever, her laugh can't be unheard

Our noses brush, our lips touch 

Any doubt in my soul is surely crushed

My ears pricked, my spirit lifts

Every hair on my body is raised and stiff

If I could assume, I would presume 

My body lit up like when lightening bugs swoon


Just the two of us now, midair in flight

We are two more fire flies, yellowed stars in the night



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