Finding Something Better


Complications flood my mind, mixing together with you.

Constantly and forever swimming in there together.

Oh I remember these days, days of confusion.

On a hunt for love, on a hunt for compassion,

I only found an ocean full of regrets.

But then you revealed who you truly were.

You let the waves set, you opened my eyes to the shore.

Along these beaches I walk.

And alongside you, these beaches I walk.

Memories have been crafted, and a bond unbreakable.

Oh I savior these days, these days with you.

You’re there for me when eyes have shunned me.

You’re there for me when I’ve lost hope in myself.

You’re there even when I have turned my back against you.

Oh alongside these beaches I will always find you.

And when you’re shedding tears,

When your mind has been all but clouded,

When your heart can’t take no more,

I’ll be there waiting sitting silent among the sand.

I’ve found more than I could've ever asked for in you.

A friend I’ll always hold dear,

And together these sunsets shall forever shine brighter.


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