Finding Healing in Pain

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 02:35 -- vela

If I hadn't witnessed so much tragedy 

I might have not become the person I am today 

for I had to keep smiling 

for those of the beloved ones that still remained 


I smiled through the tears 

as if drowning in them felt like floating on holy waters

and it had been like that for years 

until my desire for being happy became broader 


Realizing that my life was flashing by while I was crying 

encouraged me to use my tears as a loop 

and zoom into the parts of me that were dying 

I gathered the pieces of my mourning dreams and built a troop 


Insomnia really just woke me up 

I had dreams that I had forgotten over 4,7,8 times

I learned how to move properly only after the paralyzing subscribed drug 

I learned that I did not need to be born with wings fly high 


I had to make of the enemy a close and only friend 

pain blurring my vision did not cause it to worsen 

Pain washed off what was weak and polished my strengths 

Going through pain healed me become a better person 


Pain taught me that nothing is permanent 

and that fortune is for those who don't believe in the unfortunate

Pain healed even what I didn't know was broken 

a sore though made me speak about all of the unspoken. 





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