Find Your Way Back.

I could write my life with a pen, and make it rhyme too.


I write to give an insight on 

what my mind can do.


I had some obstacles I just couldn't 

intertwine through.


When you're gifted the earth tries

 to hide you.


Blot your entire pigment, with blemishes of their opinions until you're unrecognizable.


They'll send you through hell, with no one around to find you.


Only the words helped me to 

climb through.


And when I thought I was pain free, Heartbreak said let me remind you.


Deceived images had my eyes glued.


They said love was blind,

But I was blind too.


The inevitable is something

 only time knew.


That heart had to be replaced, 

so I designed a new.


I told this one you can't find love,


Until you find you.

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Raven Woods

Woah I just read this... Where did this cme from? This is incredible!!!


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