The Final Year



it’s the final year

the year that opens doors

doors that have never been unlocked before

the past is the past

but what happened in the past now outlines the future


it’ll soon be the future

the future that i see myself succeed

the doors are unlocked and i am finally freed

the future is mine

and i plan to live and thrive

my time is right now

the future i can finally see


for years the time has come

four years are said and done

we can’t wait to leave at once

our paths, sad we won’t lead the same one

we celebrate within our last months


friends, family, teacher, parents

all the ones who’ve helped us here

we give you our thanks


thanks for being my solid rock

when i was down and times were tough

thanks for always believing in me

when i couldn’t see what i could achieve

thanks for being with me, always

the month, it’s here, it’s finally may


thank you all for your help

graduating class of 2015

we all rise to the challenge of life

as dive face first into our new adventures

our faces will surely beam.  


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