The Filter


People see me through a filter

They see me through a filter I created

I morphed the image of myself

People don't see me

They see who I think they should see

The filter is not for them 

The filter is for me

The filter protects the real me

The real me is vulnerable

The real me does not want to be seen

Being seen opens worlds of hurt

Being seen allows others to care for you

Being seen is weakness

The real me is scared

Scared to lose

Scared to lose the others around her

Scared to lose herself

The real me has scars hidden deep

Scars from the pain

Scars from those she has lost

Scars from the things she has seen

Scars from self infliction

The real me does not have happiness

Smile they tell her

Smiles are for those with happiness she tells herself

The person they think I am is different

She is different than the real me

People will never truly know 

They will never know what lies beyond the filter

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