Filming Mortality to dad

I want you to see me through the whole in your brain

the one that  sunk as you fought the tumor in vein 

i want you to look at me through eyes that have meet everyone

retelling stories of those who you created with and you're never truly done

tell me how you came to act, tell me what drove you to insanity of creation

tell what on earth made you think it was a good idea to fight for a loosing generation

do you feel like you're winning, do you feel like you're making something more than yourself 

do you feel like now you will never achieve anything because of your failing health?

Do you understand all that you have taught me?

do you truly know why I decided to be what I'm going to be?

when i grew up watching you on a screen,

even when i didn't know what your words could mean

 i knew that i wanted to do that too,

i wanted to grow up and be just like you

but the acting drove me to utter chaos and i almost lost my mind

trying to loose myself in different characters all of the time

so i realized that i wanted to create on the other side of the lens

so i used your recourses and talked to your friends 

and i found out that was my skill 

it was my talent and now my will

so i could tell everyone the stories that were buzzing in my head

and it all started when you would read me to bed

you started my carrier, you helped me find my path

you knew creation was my key, not thinking of the after math

now in an unstable world with no money to my name

i have to bet the devil on an unknown game

i use a camera to create what you always read

i want to break barriers of race, gender and creed

because life is just a tragedy

the rules are escaping me

there is no unchanging stability 

when you know what you have to be

i will create films that transcend mortality 

they will not die with weathered chaos

they will not fall with every breath

they will not move with each new fad

they will not judge from good or bad

to every lost soul left to wander

to every person who cant help but ponder

to every misty headed child

to every elder meak and mild

you will find yourself through this

all your uncontended bliss

i do not film fluffy falsehoods

i do not show what you think is good

i mirror back reality 

this will never just be a job to me


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