Fight for Yourself

I Am...

a broken girl who has been left behind and uncared for

a broken girl who has spent more nights trying to disappear than trying to live

a broken girl who gave up her sanity to keep someone else sane

a broken girl who put herself in harm's way in order to stay alive

a broken girl who gave up nutrients in order to look good

a broken girl who held 43 pills in her palms in order to escape

a broken girl who gave something to someone that she wasn’t even sure was rightfully hers

a broken girl who depended on a missing piece

a broken girl who spent two years of her life hanging by a thread

a broken girl who was unable to relieve her heavy burden.

I Am…

a healed woman who packed up and left

a healed woman who spends her days thriving and succeeding

a healed woman whose smile is as true as the sun’s shine for the earth

a healed woman who stitched up the cuts and fought the shit out of life

a healed woman who radiates light and warmth to the ones who need it

a healed woman who now laughs in the face of darkness

a healed woman who put up stone walls around her heavy soul

a healed woman who depends on herself and a little bit of coffee

a healed woman who spends her days singing at the top of her lungs to The 1975

a healed woman who was somehow able to find the bright side of hell.
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