Fight Fire with Desire

Mouth wide open screaming for her prosperity

Utterly silent a sign of no solidarity

The struggle of fortitude she shall no longer withstand

With all due respect, please release her working-man hands


She screams to her heritage perseverance is key

Cloaked in isolation, resilience is all that is necessary

She whispers faintly, “We serve a society of conformity”

She has no justice; she’s been stripped of her dignity


She can no longer brave a smile, she begs of thee

Eyes become blinded as she witnesses this brutal cruelty

This painful abuse has burned her of her endurance, or power to last

How can she escape this chamber of torture? This too shall pass!


Like a bird, she’ll fly and soar towards the stars

As she’s running with her feet hardened with scars

She’s praying to survive and start a new life

Today is the day she is free from this plight


Her vision is clear and perfectly planned

She is a heroine for many and those in her clan

She’s sacrificed it all, for the future of humanity

Her dream is to promote a world of anti-conformity


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



holy crap thats really good, I hope you win!!

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