Fight the Fight


Ignore their calls,

walk their halls. 

Fight the fight; 

it ends tonight.


Resist the urge, 

avoid the purge.

Scream out loud

we need a crowd.


The world is wrong,

we'll sing this song

till all is right

with us tonight.


Youth come and go, 

Forced down?

Hell no. 


We fight and fight

for what is right

our right to breathe,

our right to be. 


We ask and plead, 

just let us breathe.

We want this life

so let us fight!


We'll save our friends

we'll save our foes,

we'll save the children,

we'll save the old. 


We'll conquer the wrong,

we'll sing our song.

We won't bow down,

our time is now!


We won't conform,

for we were born

to fight this fight;

preserve our rights.


Can't you see,

we are the free,

and we will fight

for equal rights.


In the end, it's only us,

it's only war, it's only trust.

But you can change, 

and you can try

for we will fight


And we will die.




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