The Fight Between Invincibility and Me

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 23:22 -- cevelyn




I fight from behind my books


Against the crooked looks.


When I decline to go out at night 


And all they see is someone shy, 


Someone not lucky enough to have friends to dive


Into all that crazy “fun.” 


But what they don’t understand is that I fight


For a future that’s better than my past life.



The sickness, the struggle, the things they’ll never know.


If only they’d look and see inside the girl who’s grown
From hardship and loss of innocence, to life and brilliance.
There’s more to these brown eyes than what you see on the outside.
Cancer tried to take my life twice,
Which means this life is no free ride to me
And a feeling of invincibility rarely keeps me company.
I work hard to ensure
That I have a future to live for.
So next time you judge how “fun” I may be,
Think twice about that girl you see.
She’s trying to achieve a life that has too often slipped out of her reach.


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