FFA In a Nutshell

You can call us hillbillies, red necks, and hicks,

But we’re FFA members, and proud of it!!

We put the clothes on your back and the food on your table.

We also raise animals and give them clean stables.

Competing at CDE’s is what we do best.

Here, we put our agricultural knowledge to the test.

The trips to these competitions are crazy and bizarre;

The most you will ever experience, by far.

Record books are also a part of our organization.

You can choose any ag related project in the nation.

Every month we use parli pro at the meetings.

Which usually begin with a sentinel’s greeting.

Then we take roll of all officers, members, and guests;

Followed by debates and official business for the rest.

We always enjoy educating and giving the community a hand.

As you can see, the moments in FFA are never bland;

Especially when you are abandoned at state convention.

This can create a lot of stress and tension.

When you go to restaurants, beware!

A few unexpected surprises could await you there.

You might also accidentally touch a cactus

During horticulture practice.

There is the chance that your microphone won’t work, or shorts out.

This is when, to recite the creed, you have to shout.

There will be a time when an easy question is missed.

You’ll want to slap yourself for this.

Living down the embarrassment will take awhile,

But one day you’ll look back and smile

At all of the wonderful memories made with the National FFA organization.

The thing that caused so much hard work, perspiration, and dedication

And made you who you are today.

There couldn’t possibly be a better organization, there’s just no way.

So, yeah, you can call us hillbillies, red necks, and hicks,

But we’re FFA members, and proud of it!!!



I love your poem it sound exactly like my chapter!!!! I just love it!

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