A few grains of wheat

                        A few grains of wheat  


Des glaneuses ,in 1857–

By French painter Millet Jean Francois,

Filled with tranquil,solemn scenery,

And simple life of peasants.


Traced to the Old Testament ,

 Ruth picked up left grains in wheat fields,

Sad,sorrowful Biblical story.


Wisdom of wheat grains ,

Also enriches life journey ,

At different stages;

The forms, births, oldness, and demise–

Correspond with–

Load, labor, sheltered, and repose.


Variable mortal destiny ,

Retrospective of my public carrier–

Four decades long,

No more rainy,windy and sunny now.


Life as if a dream,

And why not have a lot hilarity?

Mingle among peer groups,

Cheerful with grandkids.


Writing a prose or free verse,I don't–

Complain grievances,

Stick to obsolete confines,

Fall into elusive solitude ,

Succumb to glory and richness,

Call back flown years.


I am a Gleaner,

Pick up ancient sages’ wisdom,

As my harvest……

Action through inaction–

Without desires,nothing will not be staunch.







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