A Few Of the Awesome-est Things

Fellas who stop just to look as I pass by,

Big fluffy clouds that drift in the sky,

Friends being close and family even more,

And taking a drive down by the shore.


Walking the dog just to make some new friends,

Getting your paycheck to afford the new trends,

Receiving a present when you least expect it,

Eating an ice cream or just staying fit!

These are a few of the awesome-est things.


Sleeping til noon and hot summer days,

Cool lemonade and all my new baes,

Sitting around and just doing nothing,

Or writing and drawing about a something.


Getting a puppy and naming her well,

Grinning because I got a new Dell!

Laughing along at the family get together,

Not caring about good or bad weather,

These are a few of the awesome-est things.


When you have no hope,

And you’ve reached the end of your rope,

Laugh it away,

It’s a new day,

So just remember some of the awesome-est things.


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