Fellow Sky Soldier


United States
42° 43' 39.4896" N, 71° 12' 15.3432" W

Regret is something you feel from experience
It burns through my core from thoughts of the war
I cant take the memories that shatter my dreams anymore
It grips my mind till my body falls to the floor
The ripping inside my heart, rips till it beats no more
Memories reflected, fade and fade until their gone
Like pawns in a chess game until there is only one
These single moments of regret take shape in everyone
So they hold it close, and fight till they've won,
Regret drives me to pull farther and farther from the people I love
Regret is something you feel from experience
A big smile and a hug, and off he was for the bird
I'll see you later was the last thing I heard
Hearing the dreadful news his life has been taken
I fell straight to the chair and started shaking
No, This can't be true, don't lie to me, there must be a mistake
Fuck, take me for him, he's superman for gods sake
Its to late he is already gone, the war for him has come to an end
I should have been there, instead, its me they send
Draped in the colors he died to protect, brothers forever
All the memories of him were coming together,
A lot is said about him, from the gathering of all his brothers of the HERD.
All the things not said, and not done in this life, we'll do afterward.
Rest in peace, in this life and the next, forever my brother.

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This is so beautiful . touched my heart . <3

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