The feeling of you

There are so many things i find myself getting lost in: 

My thoughts, my fears, my dreams and nightmares..

Sometimes I have feelings that seem so intense and I especially 

find myself getting lost in them. Like: Love, hate, safety. 

But there is no feeling as intense as the feeling of you. 

You came out of no where and pulled me into you. 

You are my true love and i missed you before I met you.. 

My missing puzzle piece. 

You make my emotions run wild and drive me crazy, leaving 

me breathless and filled with so much emotion i have no idea 

what to do to express it; the way my heart beats faster when 

you're around and the way all reality disapears. 

You show me how much you need me; want me through 

each kiss, touch, and word you say. 

You say things like "I don't ever want to experience life with

out you in it: and there they go again. 

Flying away into a funnel of feelings. 

You don't understand how beautiful you are and how much 

I want to feel you, and absorb your love. 

Your mind, face, and body pressing into me as we become

one again.. Being infinite. 

My perfection. 

You tell me you aren't going anywhere and i take all my faith

and put it in the trash. 

 I don't need it when I believe your word is true. Because, you

see, I don't deed anything to be lost in. 

Not my thoughts, my fears, my dreams or nightmares. I don't 

have any of that to be lost in when.. 

I have the feeling of you. 

The missing puzzle piece i will never let be lost again. 

My idea of what perfection truly is. 

My forever.. You. 


- A.M.H


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