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My emotions are that of the clouds. soft and light. I harbor no anger nor do i present hate among my terms, but there are always the times of malcontent or dissappointment. It's during these times that you really get to see who you are. When it comes to those times I like to look through my family photo album and make my slef some grilled cheese stuffed wuth meats of many different varieties. Those times where i don't want to get out of bed caused by the passing of a loved one. Something i've sadly experinced more than a few times.. I am merely a child, but when im feeling down and beaten feeling as though i can't do anthing. I make my bed. My grandfaterh would always have me do it before i left and even though he is no longer with me it brings me a reprive to know that this would've made him happy. To feel better I worked in my familes business in hopesof creating something good. I've helped to create a business that sustains my family and brings happiness to so many others and that business means this. Yes i can. I can do better. I can make something worth a damn and yes, I will get passed it. It all takes time, but im my spare time. I like to be the ice cream man in the business i've helped to build up for the last 6 years.

Dylan Cuadra

The Ice cream man 

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My family
My community


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