Feeling Awesome means Feeling Alive


Learning about the wonders of the universe

That there are still many galaxies and moons to discover

and remember by the back of your hand.

Not only there are stars in the universe but

there are many inisde me.

To use the pieces of my past and my present that

make the future a complete puzzle,

I have to learn more about the wonders of myself,

and learning more leads to feeling alive,

because there are so many things that I do not

figure out about myself but I will

through places, people, and things.

Through experiences and obstacles, I will see the stars inside

the darkness that I found myself that I was hiding in.

I realize that the flaws I have always hated and

the hidden qualities I never thought I had

were the stars I ignored in the darkness.

When I expanded my knowledge about myself like how the universe bursts into

a vast, large with simplicities consisting of complexities

and complexities inside simplicities, 

I shone with a smile as bright as the full moon above,

that staying alive means learning more about yourself

and loving whatever you had learned.

And that is what it means to be awesome.


- Natasha De Leon

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