Fecund gamine enthralls seamen


A cupola shin, prickly dick creed, hoary

 testes tossed, master baiting ova all eel trades
crossed the fecund Rubicon and ejaculated
   olly olly oxen yawping, in utero seminal raids
with phallic coup d’etat that buck came vasocongested spades

lit torch, where hello kitty Ernst lee screeched

   amidst Grafenberg tit parades

bumping uglies during four nuke key eight ting game

where pinkish puckered two lips viz biological

   Russian roulette played – birth control relegated as desuetude
   hotly contested fee conned, caved heat seminal blitzkrieg overlaid

bilging swamped, whence olds eye goat ruff fused exiting nightshade

shy ham mull in, and gave way to blast ta cyst

   vis a visa viz biological fertilization qua two plump milkmaids  

from inchoate seeds juiced beginning to compress bladder re: lemonades

per diem mother via umbilical cord fueling gestation,

   where sonogram shows faint genetic threnody skein
   perchance manifold jades

nope – no fallacy when peppy thrust with sucks esse full feint

   after thwarting objection against skin flute charmed thence invades
which begot conception from chromosomal traits stitched
   via jean S, and her faction of trumpeting handmaids

whose fecund ditty began to feel swell as biological reproduction
   showed no uterine back grades

as Tabula rasa In utero endured fusillades per what mother tubby ingested
sustenance promulgated noticeable womb dar full expansion fusillades
of nutriments ordaining future health of progeny

   riddling endless questions within the gallimaufry
 discombobulated mental, physical fatigue enfilades
   and spiritual state of momma me ya in tha family way,
   whereby baby blueprint an outcome as nano sized
   atomic bombshells scoured decades

to determine the ontological makeup from when the fluid dynamics

   spelling impregnation since time immemorial and into the future cascades

artfully concatenating eminent grise immaculate kindred
   laminated with waxy substance i.e. vernix, though smooth
   doth serve analogous to microscopic switch-blades.




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