February 24th

Why is it that I get judged based on the words that come out of my mouth?

Based on the fact that I chose to talk proper

But yet it’s deemed as talking “white” in your eyes?

Do your eyes see something that I cannot see?

Do your eyes see the true meaning of being me?

Oh wait, no, no

Your eyes don’t see my history

I am a young black woman that speaks with the diction and flow that everyone can understand

I want for my voice to be heard without any excuses from any color of a man

See I chose to break away from stereotypes that my race is held “accountable” for

Why is it that the color of my skin is connected to being ghetto?

Or unintelligent?

Or seen as lesser than others?

I refuse to be another statistic

I am not merely a number amongst the rest

Nor will I, or my brothers and my sisters, settle for less

You see I write for those who are too afraid to speak

Because the words get stuck before they even reach their teeth

They’re shot down by the thought of the degrading cast downs from society

And the piercing bullets called words that halt those during the race for true equality

During the race for social justice

During the race for peace that could remove the barrier on the mouths of those who have something meaningful to say

I am sick and tired of being judged just from the way that I speak

Or just from a glance at my skin

Because there is a soul and a human

That lies deep within







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